• nave da crociera porto di Venezia
    Parking for the Port of Venice

    The Garage Europa offers the possibility to leave your car in Mestre and going in relax  for your cruise.
    You can spend relaxing in your cruise knowing that your car is in good hands.
    It's open all year round from 08.00 to 22.00, with over 300 undercovered parking place on 6 wide illuminated floors.




  • Parcheggio Europa
    Garage Europa: The parking

    The Garage Garage Europa offers the possibility to leave your car under cover in Mestre and easily reach Venice by public transport.      
    Garage Europa is situated in the centre of Mestre, not far from Venice.            
    It's open all year round from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm, with more than 300 parking spaces under cover distributed on 6 wide illuminated floors.           
    Find the practicality and especially to choose Garage Europa.           

  • Un cartellone pubblicitario

  • Un imbarcazione tipica della Regata
    Regata Storica: Parking to Garage Europa

    The Regata Storica is the main event in the annual "Voga alla Veneta" rowing calendar. This unique sport has been practised in the Venetian lagoon for thousands of years.

    An unforgettable sight and a true reconstruction of the glorious past of one of most the powerful and influential Maritime Republics in the Mediterranean .

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videosorveglianza parcheggio Venezia


Guarded 24 hours at 24

assistenza parcheggio


Our staff is always at your disposition for any kynd of information.

Navetta per Venezia, Porto di Venezia, Aeroporto Marco Polo

Shuttle service

The shuttle service is carried out by Venice Travel, which is a company specialized in passenger transportation by car, van and minibus with driver.
Garage Eur

parcheggio venezia mestre deposito bagagli

Deposit luggage

On the inside of the garage Europa is a luggage room.

camper e mini van parcheggio venezia mestre

Parking for Camper and Mini-Van

On the inside of the Garage Europe you can park your camper or mini-van at a price of 19 € for the first 24 hours and 17 € per day for each subsequent day.

wi fi parking venice mestre

Wi-Fi Free Zone

The Wi-Fi connection to the Internet without the use of wires.
For those who need to connect to the network for work or leisure you can now do so not only from

Special parking promotion

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