Venice Secrets, the original exhibition

Venice Secrets. Crime and Justice in mostra a Palazzo Zaguri a Venezia Eventi a Venezia
March 31 will open an exhibition with original finds, instruments of death and torture, original judicial acts exposed for the first time, which will tell the public how the Serenissima applied Justice, in a severe manner but with certain and sometimes cruel punishments.
Suggestive sets, testimonies and unpublished documents, death machines, real plastinated bodies are just some of the elements that contribute to make Venice Secrets a unique exhibition of its kind and will show mysteries, secrets, death and darkness.
In a Venetian Palace, through a five-story route divided into 36 rooms, the visitor will be able to know the secret side of the city, to discover some of the most grim stories, the penalties inflicted and the numerous death sentences for the most various crimes.

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